Detailed Information

Carnegie Clydesdale Stud, affiliated with The Victorian Branch of the Commonwealth Clydesdale Horse Society of Australia, is a renowned breeder and promoter of the majestic Clydesdale horse breed in Victoria and Tasmania. With a rich history dating back to the early 1900s, the stud is dedicated to preserving the Clydesdale breed standards and promoting their versatility in various equine endeavors.

Specializing in Clydesdale horses, Carnegie Clydesdale Stud offers a range of services to support new members and enthusiasts looking to learn more about these gentle giants. The stud sponsors selected shows, provides trophies, and organizes training days, social events, and seminars to engage with the community and promote the Clydesdale breed across different events and competitions.

Committed to fostering the next generation of Clydesdale enthusiasts, Carnegie Clydesdale Stud prioritizes sponsoring and mentoring junior members, ensuring the legacy of these iconic horses continues to thrive. With a dedicated committee and strong affiliations with the Clydesdale community nationwide and internationally, the stud aims to make the Clydesdale breed accessible and versatile for all, whether for showmanship, pleasure driving, farming, or companionship.