Breed Category: Gundog
Country of Origin: France
Average Size: 55-60 cm (at the withers)
Average Weight: 19-24 kg
Average Life Span: 12-14 years
Grooming Requirements: Medium
Exercise Requirements: High


The Epagneul Bleu de Picardi is a type of spaniel that originated in France in the late 1800s. Though spaniels have European roots that date back as many as 1,000 years, this breed is relatively new in history. It is thought to be the result of natural breeding amongst dogs in the northern French region of Picardy. These dogs include Picardy Spaniels, which are gundogs native to the area, and English Setters, which were brought to the area by British hunters.

This breed is a very skilled dog, known for its endurance and fine sense of smell. It was bred to work in a wide variety of terrain and weather, which has contributed to its resilience. It can assist hunters in locating game on land and in the water. The Epagneul Bleu de Picardi is most common in France and Canada, though it is rare even in these countries. It is presently regarded as a rare breed.


The Epagneul Bleu de Picardi is known for its unusual coat, which is described as being blue in colour. This colouring is the result of a mixture of black, white and gray hairs in the dog’s coat. The coat may appear solid or spotted. The smooth fur is medium in length and heavily feathered on the legs, ears and tail. Weekly brushing will help keep its coat healthy and it should be bathed when necessary, as it may often dirty itself if it works in an outdoor role.

It has a tall and lean body and a strong head and muzzle. It has a set of long ears that lie flat against its head and has large, brown or amber eyes.

The Epagneul Bleu de Picardi averages 55-60 cm in height and 19-24 kg in weight.


The temperament of the Epagneul Bleu de Picardi is gentle and affectionate. Despite its inherent athleticism, it is also happy simply being amongst its family. It gets along well with adults and children alike. Small animals may trigger its hunting and retrieving instincts, but proper training and socialisation will ensure that it does not pose a threat to small household animals.

The Epagneul Bleu de Picardi needs a substantial amount of daily exercise. A large, open space where it can safely roam is ideal, though it will also be happy with a yard and regular walks or jogs. Its stamina is something that is greatly admired when it is used as a retrieving dog and it is a characteristic that is true even among those of the Epagneul Bleu de Picardi breed that are not used as gundogs. This is an intelligent dog that has limitless potential with the right guidance and encouragement from its owner.


The Epagneul Bleu de Picardi is a healthy and hardy breed with no known problems that are specific to the breed. Proper exercise and nutrition will help keep potential health conditions to a minimum.

This breed lives to be an average of 12-14 years of age.

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