Detailed Information

Canine Behaviour Expert Dog Psychology Center Australia, located in Agnes Banks, NSW, is Australia’s first and only true Dog Psychology Center. Founded by Jacob Leezak, a third-generation dog expert, the center specializes in rehabilitating dogs with a wide range of behavioral issues. Jacob’s proven rehabilitation programs have successfully addressed problems such as dog aggression, anxiety, fears, and phobias, utilizing tried and tested techniques developed over generations.

The center offers a variety of classes, including Puppy School, Agility Training, Scent Sport, and Canine Reactive Classes. Scent Sport, in particular, focuses on developing dogs’ natural scenting abilities through engaging activities. Agility Training not only provides exercise for dogs but also helps build confidence, especially for shy dogs. The center’s approach emphasizes educating owners alongside training their dogs, ensuring long-term success in behavior modification.

With a resident pack of 33 dogs, many of whom were rescued from abuse or neglect, the Canine Behaviour Expert Dog Psychology Center provides a unique environment for rehabilitation. These pack members play a crucial role in teaching other dogs how to be calm and well-adjusted pack members. Jacob’s passion for working with powerful breeds, particularly the Bully breed, drives his mission to help dogs thrive and find balance, ultimately preventing unnecessary euthanasia of ‘dangerous’ dogs.