Housepets are known to give their owners happiness. However, these cute and lovable creatures still have annoying habits that may need to be checked and fixed before they become hard to train. For those who own cats, one of their seemingly annoying habits is when they tend to wee in different areas in your houses outside their litter boxes. In addition, the odour of a cat’s wee can be very bad and may stick to your carpets. It may also cause stains to your wood floors if you do not take preventive measures at the soonest possible time. 

Cats Peeing Outside Their Litter Boxes

There are various reasons that can cause your pet cat to wee outside its litter box. One of these is that your pet may be feeling stressed. A cat is a very sensitive creature. It can become anxious at any given moment. One of its ways to deal with stress is to wee just about anywhere it wants. Weeing is also its way of getting control over its environment. When a cat is able to wee in a place that it chooses, it feels content and eventually calms down. Another reason why a cat stops using its litter box to wee is simply that the box is dirty, and your pet cat does not like it.

A cat is known to wee in places that it finds clean and tidy. It can be very picky with its peeing time. When a cat keeps on peeing at the same spot, then it would signify that the cat has already marked that area. It is due to the scent it was able to leave at that specific spot that your cat is tempted to do it again and again. Age is also a factor why a cat may suddenly wee in areas other than its litter box. For an older cat, it may forget where you had placed its litter box.

Also, there may be times when the litter box is placed at an inconvenient area for your older cat. If it becomes difficult for the cat to reach its litter box, it will just wee somewhere else. For a kitten, it needs to be manually guided to use a litter box. Even though it is already innate for cats to wee and poop on things that are sandy, it may still need help, especially if the kitten is less than 3 weeks old.

Correcting The Weeing Habits of a Cat

Owners must ensure that they correct the habit of their pet cats when it comes to weeing. It is very important for pet cats to go back to peeing and pooping inside their litter boxes. The best way to do this is by cleaning the litter box on a regular schedule. Owners should be familiar with the signs that make litter boxes too dirty for their cats. Another thing that owners should remember is to follow the regular schedules that they have with their cats. A cat may get accustomed to a routine, and if this routine suddenly stops, it becomes stressed and starts to wee anywhere it wants.

If you have a regular feeding schedule for your cat, make sure that you follow it every day so that your cat will remain content. If a cat returns to a regular spot to wee on it, then it means that the spot has been marked by the scent of the cat’s wee. It should be cleaned thoroughly to remove the scent that the cat has grown accustomed to in that specific spot. In addition, it is advised to provide your pet cat with an extra litter box. This will train your pet to wee on the other litter box while you are still cleaning the one it regularly uses. This may save you time and effort from removing the stain and scent from the wee on your floor and your carpets. 

Getting Rid of The Wee Smell

Removing a cat’s wee smell on your floor or carpet must be done quickly so that the cat will not have time to mark these areas as its territories for weeing. You must first blot the spot with cold water and some paper towels. This will help absorb as much wee as possible. For the next steps, it may depend on the material that was stained with the cat’s wee. For carpets and rugs, you will need to sprinkle baking soda and let it sit for at least an hour. You will then need to vacuum the spot.

For areas that are not carpeted, you will need to clean the area with a commercial solution that is non-vinegar based and has no ammonia. Also, you must make sure that the solution that you are using does not contain bleach. This is required because cat’s wee contains ammonia and does not mix well with bleach. You just have to apply the solution on the floor and let it sit for at least 5 minutes. Then you should mop the area to remove the solution. Mop the floor again with water to rinse off any of the remaining solution.

Maintain Cleanliness To Avoid Wee Smell All Over Your House

Regular cleaning should not only be done to the litter box but it should be done to your floors as well. You may not know if your pet cat suddenly left wee stains on various areas on your floor. To avoid running into problems, keep the environment of your cat clean. Weeing and pooping inside a litter box are already part of a cat’s habit. You just have to make sure that it is kept content with its litter box so that it will not do its business elsewhere.