Detailed Information

Tricks N’ Treats Training is a dedicated dog training business founded by experienced trainer Amanda McCallum. With a background in volunteering at rescues and a passion for dog training, Amanda believes that no dog is too difficult to train and no problem is too hard to solve. The company’s philosophy revolves around empathy, responsibility, and a positive approach to training, aiming to genuinely help people and their furry companions.

At Tricks N’ Treats, clients are considered part of the family, fostering open communication and a caring environment for both dogs and their owners. The training methods employed focus on positive reinforcement and marker cues, avoiding aversive tools or methods. The business follows the principle of Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA), rejecting outdated dominance theories and emphasizing science-based techniques. Service areas include Ipswich, Brisbane, Southside, Logan, Goldcoast, and Sunshine Coast.

  • No yelling, hitting, or scaring dogs
  • No prong collars, E collars, or choke chains
  • No leash corrections or dominance/alpha theories
  • Emphasis on setting boundaries and using science-based techniques