The Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders is a new dog breeders association. It was developed to address issues families have in getting a pure bred dog that was also healthy, not just well conforming to a standard. The association is brand new and not many people know about it yet. It is quickly gaining popularity and becoming known as one of the best ways to get a pure bred designer dog in Australia.

Families who want to get a pure bred dog have always been able to get a pure bred puppy from the Canine Councils in their state. Not every family wants a pure bred dog and these dogs are also available from the Canine Councils. Having a designer dog( a mix of two purebreeds) is becoming more popular. It is hard to tell if the puppy you are getting is from a breeder that is dedicated to maintaining quality and care for their dogs and puppies. They may not be dedicated to breeding good family pets, but are rather interested in breeding as many puppies as possible.

The Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders was developed to solve this problem. With the breeders in this association you can be certain that the puppy you are getting was bred to be a family pet, not just a show piece. The association was founded by a small group of dog breeders who enjoy breeding dogs to be pets, and are proud of their endeavors. Most of the founding group work as pet nurses and doctors. These breeders believe that breeding good natured family pets is and important endeavor. They hope that this association will gain the potential to introduce higher standards of animal welfare to an industry that has been harshly criticized. Even though most of this criticism is unfair, they believe it is important to establish these standards so that every breeder of pet dogs is on the same page.

The motto of the association is “Proud to Breed Pets.” This adequately sums up the goals of this association. The Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders hopes to find like minded breeders to join their association. They are looking for any dog breeders that want to ensure their dogs are bred to be family pets and not just show pieces. They encourage anyone with this frame of mind to join them.

If you are looking for a family pet, you can contact the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders to see if they have a breeder available for the type of dog you are looking for. This way you can have a designer dog without worrying about whether or not it will make a good pet. Even if you are planning to use the dog for dog shows and other events, it is important that your dog is a companion and pet first and foremost. These breeders understand that concept, and are ready and willing to make it a reality for many Australian families.