Detailed Information

The Cairn Terrier Club of Victoria is a dedicated organization focused on supporting Cairn Terrier enthusiasts in Victoria, Australia. Established with the mission to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the breed, the club is committed to promoting competitions, educating breeders, pet owners, exhibitors, and judges. Whether members have Champion Companions or Companion Champions, the club aims to provide a platform for all Cairn Terrier lovers to come together and celebrate this beloved breed.

Under the guidance of its constitution, The Cairn Terrier Club of Victoria works tirelessly towards the betterment of Cairn Terriers and strives to foster a community that values and upholds the breed’s standards. Through various activities and events, the club creates opportunities for members to engage with fellow enthusiasts, share knowledge, and participate in competitions that showcase the unique qualities of Cairn Terriers. With a focus on education and support, the club plays a vital role in ensuring the welfare and longevity of these beloved dogs.

Designed by Tamara Whalley, the Cairn Terrier Club of Victoria’s website serves as a hub of information and resources for members and the public alike. From news updates to information on upcoming litters, the website is a valuable tool for those passionate about Cairn Terriers. With a rich history dating back to 2006, the club continues to uphold its commitment to the breed and remains a trusted source of support and guidance for Cairn Terrier enthusiasts across Victoria.