Detailed Information

The RSPCA in Australia is a federation consisting of RSPCA branches in each state and territory, with RSPCA Australia serving as the national body. This independent, community-based charity organization is dedicated to providing animal care and protection services across the country. The RSPCA’s member Societies operate animal rehoming centers, investigate and prosecute animal cruelty complaints, advocate for improved animal welfare, and educate the community on responsible pet ownership.

Every year, the RSPCA shelters thousands of animals in need of loving homes, offering adoption services to give these animals a second chance. The organization also runs the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme, focusing on improving the welfare of intensively farmed animals in Australia. Through certification and collaboration with farmers, the RSPCA has positively impacted the lives of billions of animals, including hens, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and salmon.

As part of their efforts to promote animal welfare, the RSPCA engages with industry stakeholders, conducts research, and advocates for policy changes to address issues such as mulesing in the wool industry. By working with farmers, consumers, and government bodies, the RSPCA aims to phase out practices like mulesing and promote sustainable and humane treatment of animals. Consumers can support these initiatives by choosing products made from non-mulesed wool and advocating for better animal welfare standards in the industry.