Australian pet spiders are available in a large variety, but unlike what most people believe, they are not all wild and dangerous. The two most dangerous species of Australian spiders are the funnel-web spider and the Redback, also known as the black widow spider. Australian pet spiders actually make for great pets, and most come in a large variety of colors and shapes. Some common Australian pet spiders are, St. Andrew’s cross, Garden orb weaver spider, jumping spiders and many more.

If you plan to get yourself an Australian pet spider, then you need to be aware of the different species available here. Some garden spider species that can be easily kept are, the White-tail spider, a variety of orb weaving spiders, Mouse spiders and many others. Now many of these spiders bite, though they are not particularly harmful. But some do cause a stinging sensation, so be sure to read up about the species you are interested in.

If you prefer larger varieties then a pet wolf spider is a good idea, as they are not very venomous, and despite being capable of biting are not prone to attacking humans. The St. Andrew’s Cross spider is one of the most unusual and beautiful species of spider, and comes in yellow and brown, with stripes on its legs. Known for their perfect webs, these spiders are one of the most commonly found Australian pet spider species.

A pet huntsman spider is another common Australian pet spider species, which is mostly kept by the more experienced spider owners. Though they are quite gentle and do not bite unless provoked, they can cause severe pain on biting. Also, this variety of spider can grow quite large in size and requires a large enough container if it has to be kept as a pet. One notable fact about this species is that they move sideways, which is quite interesting to watch, but they can move very fast, and need to be watched while feeding or cleaning of their container.

A particularly venomous species of spider, found commonly in Australia is the Redback spider, or the black widow. Now it is unadvisable to keep this species as a pet, as they have been known to have even caused death amongst humans. They need to be handled with extreme care, and should be kept away from children and other pets. All in all, it is advisable to consider all the options before you opt for an Australian pet spider.