Detailed Information

Welcome to the Agility Dog Club of Queensland Inc. (ADCQ), a premier dog training club established in 1994 and affiliated with the Agility Dog Association of Australia Ltd. Located at Ipswich Sports Club Inc., Tivoli, QLD, ADCQ offers a friendly and inclusive environment for dog lovers of all ages. Our ethos of “Family Fun for the Family Pet” emphasizes positivity and enjoyment in dog training activities. We prioritize quality instruction at all levels and welcome feedback to continually improve our offerings.

ADCQ is dedicated to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for both dogs and their handlers. Our club conducts training sessions on Sunday afternoons and evenings, as well as Wednesday evenings, with specific times based on the course or class attended. We encourage member involvement in club activities, including assisting with equipment setup and pack-up. Additionally, ADCQ organizes ADAA competitions, monthly Point Score competitions, demos, and training sessions to provide diverse opportunities for skill development and engagement.

Under the leadership of President Ruth Raymond and Chief Instructor Cathy Slot, ADCQ has been recognized for its commitment to excellence in dog training. The club was honored as Sporting Organisation of the Year at the Ipswich Sporting Awards, reflecting our dedication to creating a top-notch training environment. Join us at ADCQ to experience the joy of agility training, build a strong bond with your furry companion, and be part of a supportive community of dog enthusiasts.