In most cases we start talking about pet spiders is the large roaming spiders that come to mind such as the Goliaths bird eating spider, the large tarantulas or huntsman’s and the like. All three spiders are certainly impressive there is lots to be said about having a small spider as a pet, namely:-

  1. They are more easily found. Small pet spiders such a small jumping spiders or common varieties found around the house that make webs in the corners of rooms were on fly screens are far more accessible than the large roaming spiders. You can search and search and not find a large roaming spider. Of course many pet shops keep different varieties of large roaming spider that these are often expensive.
  2. You don’t need a large enclosure for a small spider in fact a large jar with some wire mesh over the top would be fine for most small types of spider.
  3. Feeding your small pet spider is much easier. Large roaming spiders require larger prey in a small spider and finding this larger prey around the house can often be difficult. Catching crickets, cockroaches, grasshoppers et cetera of sufficient size and in sufficient numbers to fit a roaming spider that in the wild could spend much of the evening roaming looking to such critters can be difficult. Quite often the beasties are nocturnal so you would need to go looking for them at night. You can of course purchase feed insects for your large roaming spider from a pet shop that you will soon see the cost adding up.
  4. Going on a trip? Kids want to take a pet? It can be pretty difficult to take your pets on a holiday or if you are already on a holiday and your children missing their pet, a pet spider in a jar can certainly provide some entertainment. I know of one family who spent a year travelling Australia(mine) and taking the family doll’s and cats were simply not possible. Logistically it would have been a nightmare and since will going into Australia’s many national parks we would to have had or found somewhere to keep them whenever we did this.The kids were missing having a pet so let them catch spiders and keep them in jars. It was a very successful endeavour keep them entertained for hours and when the fun wore off we simply let the spiders go.
  5. Small pet spiders can be more active than large roaming spiders. Large roaming spiders tend to be nocturnal whereas jumping spider may be active at any time. Large borrowing spiders are usually never to be seen as they are rushing out to grab their prey was a small jumping spider will be very active exploring its enclosure and looking for its dinner. Small web spinning spiders though not as active a small jumping spiders are certainly as impressive as a large spider when they come rushing out of their web to grab a victim ensnared – the impressiveness is just on a smaller visual scale.
  6. If the pet spider owner decides that spiders really aren’t that much fun to keep you are not out of pocket for the fish tank or similar spider enclosure the large roaming spider would have necessitated that you purchase.

So if you are thinking about keeping a spider as a pet there are certainly some benefits to going small rather than big.