Things to think about when considering a dog.

How big is your yard?
Many dogs require a large yard to self exercise in, and this is not always linked to dog size. There are large livestock guardian dogs may well need a small yard and a smaller herding breed dog. Very active dogs should never be kept in an apartment.

How big is your budget?
Some breeds are notoriously expensive both to purchase and to look after, requiring lots of care to look after their coat and some varietiesattract high that bills and others.

How much time have you got?
Some dogs become true companion animals and they will want to be with you all the time. They will cry fret and whine unless they travel with you everywhere. Other breeds won’t take up every moment of your day that they will require an hour to 90 min of intensive exercise every day otherwise they will develop destructive habits as they seek to entertain themselves through destroying your backyard.

Are you interested in walking a dog off the lead?
Sight hounds such as Afghans, racing dogs, whippets et cetera need to be kept on a lead at all time as they are site hunters. If something runs they will chase it and no amount of calling is likely to convince them to end the chase until it is finished.

What other pets do you have?
Some dogs are good with other pets, some dogs not so. Don’t expect a small terrier to happily coexist with your pet rat and bunny, was apparently more fearsome bulldog or boxer may happily do so.

Have you read the two dogs?
Some breeds especially hounds are much happier if there is at least one other dog to keep them company. In fact in many cases this is true so consider if you have room for a friend of dog.

Are you interested in training your dog?
Believe it or not there are large differences in the intelligence level of different breeds as well is the personalities of the different breeds. Some breeds are very intelligent and willing to please and thus a very trainable. Other breeds might be wilful or just not that clever – training such breeds can be a lot of work

Are you intending to show your dog?
Always seek our reputable breeder with you are buying a dog of a showring or as a pet, but if buying a dog for the show ring is most important to you that inspection to see that your purchase is animate all health requirements for showing as well is meeting the correct standard to breed.

Are you looking for a guard dog?
Guard dogs coming two varieties.the stereotypical large vicious variety whose mere appearance is designed to scare off ill doers. Also popular is the small that you but yappy variety, ever alert for intruders and always very willing to warn of the presence.

Do you have young children?
Some breeds are better suited to the rough treatment that can be put upon them by young children. Some breeds live and seek to dominate your children as they see them as lower down in the pack hierarchy. Some breeds make nipping a game.

Are you looking for a companion dog?
If you are expecting your dog to be companion is a good idea to spend time with your potential puppy purchase before buying it to ensure that you’re going to get along. Look for possible problem traits such as excessive timidity, excessive aggression – spend enough time with your potential puppy found sure you will make the right choice.

How long are you intending to be a dog owner for?
Different breeds to live for surprisingly different lengths of time some breeds only average eight years of life,while others can average living more than double that. Keep this in mind when choosing a puppy, especially if it is being bought for a child and is used and end up looking after it the many years after the child is left home

Does Anyone in the house have allergies?
Some dogs shed more further than others and while no dog is truly nonallergenic – less fair means less allergies. In addition less hair means less mess to clean up. Don’t be confused between less hair and short hair. Many shorthaired breeds have incredibly dense fur, that sheds all the time.

Check the local law
some breeds have been declared illegal in some states of Australia and the law changes all the time. If you’re intent on buying a breed that is known as an aggressive breed ensure you find out it is legal to keep the dog in your area.

So a dog is a dog is a dog – well… That’s not exactly true there are many differences between the different dog breeds and you would do well to have a good think about your own personal circumstances and what you’re looking for in a dog before settling on a breed.


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A London based Veterinary surgeon, Sanja is also an avid writer and pet advocate.