Detailed Information

Vet Skin and Ear is a specialized veterinary clinic dedicated to the excellence in the treatment of allergy, skin, and ear diseases in pets and horses. Led by Dr. Daniel Mitchell, a highly experienced veterinarian with a focus on dermatology, the clinic offers comprehensive consultations, detailed examinations, and tailored treatment plans to address a wide range of skin complaints. Dr. Mitchell’s extensive training in Europe under the guidance of leading veterinary dermatologists ensures that patients receive the most advanced and effective care available.

With a commitment to keeping treatments affordable and transparent, Vet Skin and Ear prioritizes clear communication with pet owners, providing detailed case summaries and thorough explanations of diagnosis and management options. Dr. Mitchell’s expertise extends to collaborating with local veterinarians and specialists, as well as maintaining connections with international experts in dermatology, surgery, and dermatopathology. This network allows for a multidisciplinary approach to complex cases, ensuring that each patient receives the best possible care for their skin condition.

Whether your pet requires a routine check-up or is facing a challenging skin issue, Vet Skin and Ear welcomes referrals from veterinarians and direct inquiries from pet owners. Dr. Mitchell and his dedicated team are committed to delivering targeted treatments that are both effective and affordable, with a focus on achieving positive outcomes for every patient. Trust Vet Skin and Ear to provide expert care and support for your pet’s skin and ear health needs.