Detailed Information

Welcome to Amity Views Pty Ltd (Prefix Amityvalley)! We are David & Kylie Perry, owners of Amity Views Pty Ltd, specializing in breeding Pedigree English Cocker Spaniels. Located in the picturesque Gippsland region of southern Victoria on 10 acres, we have over 30 years of experience in breeding dogs. Our mission is to provide well-socialized and friendly puppies that are ready to become beloved members of their forever families.

At Amity Views Pty Ltd, we offer lifetime breeder support and guidance to ensure that each puppy receives the best start in life. Our puppies undergo Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), Early Scent Induction (ESI), crate training, and basic training before going to their new homes. They are health tested, registered, vaccinated, microchipped, and well-socialized with various sights, sounds, and animals. We are committed to breeding high-quality animals, educating new owners, and ensuring that our puppies receive the love and care they deserve.

Our dedication to enhancing the abilities of our puppies extends to implementing the Early Scent Introduction program, which has shown impressive results in improving scenting abilities in dogs. By introducing specific scents to our Cocker Spaniel puppies from an early age, we aim to enhance their sense of smell and cognitive function. Through this program and our ongoing efforts to provide comprehensive care and support, we strive to produce exceptional companion, service, and therapy dogs at Amity Views Pty Ltd.