Detailed Information

Welcome to Tralinka French Bulldogs, a dedicated breeding establishment with a rich history in the world of dog breeding. Tralinka has been actively involved in breeding and showing dogs since the early 1990s, initially focusing on Rough Collies and later expanding to Labrador Retrievers before venturing into French Bulldogs in 2015. With a passion for breeding healthy and well-structured French Bulldogs, Tralinka aims to improve the breed by addressing genetic faults and health issues commonly associated with this beloved breed.

Tralinka French Bulldogs envisions creating a healthier and more functional type of French Bulldog by deviating from the extremes that have been traditionally bred into the breed. Emphasizing features that promote better breathing and natural birthing processes, Tralinka aims to produce French Bulldogs with a more balanced physique and improved overall health. The breeding program at Tralinka is a work in progress, with a focus on refining the breed to align with their vision of a more robust and genetically sound French Bulldog.

At Tralinka French Bulldogs, diversity in coat colors is celebrated, with a wide range of hues including blues, lilacs, chocolates, and various shades of fawn. The breeding philosophy at Tralinka does not prioritize exotic colors for profit but rather appreciates the beauty and variety that different coat colors bring to the French Bulldog breed. As registered breeders with the Master Dog Breeder’s Association, Tralinka prioritizes the health and well-being of their dogs over conforming to traditional breed standards, ensuring that each puppy receives the care and attention needed for a healthy start in life.