Detailed Information

The Walking Dog Trainer is a professional dog training service based in Mandurah, Western Australia, serving a wide range of areas including Lakelands, Rockingham, Waroona, and more. With over 10 years of experience and national accreditation in dog behavior and training, the business is dedicated to training dogs for the real world. The goal of The Walking Dog Trainer is to enhance the quality of life for both dog owners and their pets by providing expert training and guidance.

Lead by Kel, a highly qualified and experienced dog behavior trainer, The Walking Dog Trainer offers customized training methods and techniques to suit each client’s needs and lifestyle. Kel’s approach focuses on building a positive relationship between dog and owner, emphasizing clarity, confidence, and consistency in training. With a commitment to ongoing education and modern training tools, The Walking Dog Trainer ensures that both dogs and their owners receive the best possible training experience.

Meet the team behind The Walking Dog Trainer, including the beloved canine companions Frank, Benny, Jazzy, and Tesla. Each member brings their unique personality and skills to the training sessions, creating a fun and effective learning environment for dogs of all breeds and backgrounds. Whether you’re looking to address behavior issues, improve obedience, or simply strengthen the bond with your furry friend, The Walking Dog Trainer is dedicated to helping you achieve a happy and well-balanced relationship with your dog.