Detailed Information

The Canine Bond is a renowned dog training business founded by Carrie Rottaris, a Certified Trainer, Educator, and Behaviorist with over 15 years of experience. The business offers a unique approach to dog training that focuses on building a strong bond between dogs and their owners through effective communication and understanding of canine behavior. The Canine Bond is known for its treat-free training methods, emphasizing the importance of mental stimulation alongside physical exercise.

  • The Canine Bond provides a variety of classes tailored to different age groups and training needs, including Puppy Classes for dogs aged 8 weeks to 5 months and Group Classes for dogs 5 months and older. These classes aim to teach basic commands, leadership skills, and behavior management without the use of treats or bribery.
  • Carrie Rottaris has a rich background in dog training, having trained with industry experts such as Brad Pattison and Shaun Ellis. She has also been involved in innovative programs like Hiking with Your Dog, First Aid for Dogs, and Family Fun Days to promote a holistic approach to dog care and training.
  • In addition to group classes, The Canine Bond offers private and semi-private training sessions to cater to individual training goals and challenges. The business is committed to providing a supportive and educational environment for dog owners looking to enhance their relationship with their furry companions.