Detailed Information

Stellar Paws is a renowned dog walking and training service based in Sydney’s Lower North Shore, led by a team of experienced animal behaviorists. Specializing in off-leash adventures for dogs, Stellar Paws offers a safe, fun, and professional walking experience aimed at keeping dogs active and happy. The team provides daily excursions in the picturesque parks and beaches of the Lower North Shore, ensuring that your furry companions receive the exercise and socialization they need.

With a focus on canine socialization and behavior, Stellar Paws goes beyond traditional dog walking services. The dedicated staff, led by Beau, a qualified dog behaviorist, are committed to enriching the lives of local dogs while providing peace of mind to their owners. Through reinforcing good behavior, leash etiquette, and social skills during their adventures, Stellar Paws aims to create happier, healthier dogs and more confident owners.

Years of experience in dog walking on Sydney’s Lower North Shore have made Stellar Paws a familiar and trusted name among locals, park regulars, and dogs from various suburbs. The small yet dedicated team of dog handlers at Stellar Paws undergo extensive training to ensure the highest level of care for your pets. Beau’s passion for supporting rescue dogs and those with special needs led to the establishment of Stellar Paws in 2016, with a mission to bring professionalism and expertise to the dog walking industry.