Owning a pet and having it show its love for you is one of the best feelings in the world. Just about anyone can own a pet. However, every pet owner should be responsible enough to take proper care of their pets. People living in their own houses can choose just about any pet they want. This is not the same with apartments though. There are some apartments that have limitations on the kind of pet you are allowed to own. This is because some pets have some characteristics that may be disruptive and destructive to property. This makes it hard for a person to decide which pet would fit the apartment lifestyle.

The Best Pet to Have In An Apartment

You should always consider the rules of the apartment you are staying in. You should ask the landlord if owning pets is allowed and if there are limitations to the kind of pet you can bring into your apartment. In most cases, small-sized pets are allowed as long as you can take care of them while not disrupting your neighbours. Among these little creatures that you may choose from, a guinea pig is known to be one of the best pets to own when you live in an apartment. There are some certain criteria that can prove this as well. These criteria are as follows:

Living space

Guinea pigs are known to live comfortably in cages. This type of cage can be with dimensions such as 27 inches by 41 inches for one Guinea pig. A Guinea pig cage may need to include certain features to ensure that a Guinea pig can live in it comfortably. Using a Guinea pig cage also helps prevent the Guinea pig from getting into accidents. You may let a Guinea pig run around the apartment occasionally, but when you are about to sleep, you should put it back in its cage.


Guinea pigs are known to be low-maintenance pets. They are known to pet themselves most of the time. Unless you can smell an awful odor coming from your Guinea pig, you do not need to bathe them frequently. Also, Guinea pigs may poop and pee after they finish eating. The good thing is that they usually do this in the corner of their living space. You just have to clean the Guinea pig cage on a weekly basis.

Walking requirements

Since Guinea pigs are small creatures, they do not need a large area to walk around. Even a cage or a small area in your apartment can be set up where you can let your Guinea pig roam free. Just make sure that there is nothing loose on the ground that your pet might suddenly chew. Also, make sure that open spaces are completely sealed. Guinea pigs are known to fit through holes that are smaller than the size of their heads. Also, Guinea pigs love to climb up the cage bars. Make sure that the living space is blocked properly so that your pet will not suddenly escape.

Allergic reactions

Almost all kinds of pets can give allergic reactions to their owners. An allergic reaction to any type of pet is usually caused by urine, saliva, or dander. A pet dander refers to the flakes of skin that are shed from the body of your pet. It may even be microscopic in size. Unless you let your pet Guinea pig regularly roam around your apartment, then all the dander it produces is contained in its cage. So it is fairly easy to contain and prevent the outbreak of allergies.


A Guinea pig is known to be a quiet type of pet. It does not make loud noises like the bark of a dog. You do not have to worry about it disturbing your neighbours as the soft sound it makes will not be able to reach outside the walls of your apartment. Guinea pigs are diurnal as compared to hamsters, so expect those daily cuddles and playtime during the day. As compared to hamsters which are up all night nibbling and squeaking, Guinea pigs are quietly sleeping as you also doze off.


Owning a Guinea pig is known to be cheap when it comes to its food intake. A Guinea pig usually eats ⅛ cup of dry food per day. It usually loves eating corn, grains, vegetables, and fruits. Guinea pigs are known herbivores, and it is not hard to feed them. Provide fresh timothy hay daily to aid in their digestion.

However, you should always consider giving just the right amount of food. Though Guinea pigs are not known to hoard food, they can become overweight and be in danger of diabetes. You should be wary that you do not overfeed your pet Guinea pig.

Your Pet Guinea pig Will Not Be A Handful

Having a pet Guinea pig in your apartment is known to be stress relieving. Its cuteness and low maintenance combine for a lovable apartment pet. It does not only entertain itself, but seeing it running around, chewing its food, and looking at you with its cute little eyes will definitely brighten up your day.