Detailed Information

St Vincents Vets, located at 84 St Vincents Road in Virginia, Brisbane, is a family-owned veterinary practice founded by Drs Bernie and Megan Bredhauer. With a team of skilled practicing vets including Drs Megan Bredhauer, Emma Chester, Ann Ghea, Kirsten Nash, and David Brittain, along with dedicated veterinary nurses, St Vincents Vets offers best-practice medicine and surgery for pets in the inner North Brisbane area. The practice prides itself on delivering caring and professional veterinary services for dogs, cats, pocket pets, and birds, emphasizing a commitment to providing top-quality medical care with compassion.

St Vincents Vets operates in conjunction with Northgate Veterinary Surgery, led by Dr Bernie Bredhauer, to ensure comprehensive care for pets in the community. The practice’s modern facility in a character-filled building provides a welcoming environment for both pets and their owners, reflecting the personalized service and expertise that clients have come to expect from the team. With a focus on maintaining the highest standards in surgical procedures, patient care, and safety, St Vincents Vets aims to treat every pet as if they were their own, fostering strong relationships with clients and their beloved animals.

Founded by experienced veterinarians with over fifty years of combined expertise, St Vincents Vets is dedicated to upholding the values of animal welfare, the human-companion animal bond, and the delivery of exceptional veterinary care. Driven by a passion for lifelong learning and a commitment to serving the local community, the team at St Vincents Vets strives to offer the best possible veterinary services while fostering a supportive and compassionate environment for pets and their owners.