Pet rat risk is an issue that needs to be dealt with as people tend to associate a number of diseases and bad things to rats. However to understand the true pet rat risks, we need to know more about rats and understand exactly what they are and how they live. Pet rat risks are not only to the creature that is affected, it can also be dangerous for the other critters in the cage with the pet rat.

Pet rat risks are of various kinds and can affect their mental or physical health. There are many precautions that need to be taken such as keeping males and females separate unless you want to end up with a large colony. Constant pregnancy can be quite strenuous for females and is a major pet rat risk that can bring about poor health. You can also hurt your pet rat if you pick it up with its tail.

There are many pet rat risks especially when they are let out into the open for a run. They can chew up on wires, furniture or clothes while also toppling things over and breaking them. If they get their hands on sugar, then its a huge risk of the rat becoming extremely hyper and it could lead to fatality even, if consumed in extremely large amounts.

Normally, you will look to keep pet rats in a cage with other creatures. Rats are social animals and enjoy such company. However, keeping male and female rats together can be a bad decision because pet rats tend to reproduce rapidly. Pet rat risks also increase if there is a male rat in heat. If there are other critters in the cage with them, i.e. rats or other small rodents, then there is a probability that these rats might end up biting and hurting those other creatures.

Due to their traditional association with dark and dingy places where diseases prevail, people tend to associate pet rat risks to diseases. Although they may be the carriers of many diseases in the wild, when bought from a reputed dealer, the chances of finding a disease carrying pet rat is almost negligent. There is absolutely no danger to humans from these pet rats.

Rats are small creatures and even if they are considered extremely strong, there are many risks to their health and safety that can quickly turn fatal. Remember to contact an experienced vet if there is any issue with your pet rats and until then, just try to keep all the pet rat risks to a minimum.


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