Detailed Information

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA South Australia) is the state’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity, established in Adelaide in 1875. As the leading voice for all creatures great and small across South Australia, RSPCA works tirelessly to defend the dignity of animals and prevent animal cruelty. They are dedicated animal protectors, carers, and guardians, providing solace to abandoned, surrendered, and injured animals through education, medical attention, and love.

RSPCA South Australia’s mission is to create a compassionate society free of animal cruelty and suffering. They actively promote the care and protection of animals by responding to over 4,000 reports of animal cruelty annually, investigating complaints against various animals in different situations. Their work is primarily funded by community donations, relying on the support of loyal donors to continue their vital animal welfare efforts.

  • RSPCA South Australia’s services include caring for neglected and unwanted animals, reuniting families with their pets, responding to cruelty reports, and supporting operations with dedicated volunteers. They advocate for the humane treatment of all living creatures and work towards preventing cruelty to animals by promoting their care and protection based on the Five Freedoms principles.
  • Additionally, RSPCA South Australia is empowered by State Parliament to enforce animal welfare laws and regulations, ensuring that animals have access to essential needs such as fresh water, proper shelter, medical care, adequate space, and mental well-being. They urge individuals to stand up, speak out, and take action against animal cruelty, fostering a society where animals are treated with compassion and respect.