There are lots of good things to be said about keeping lizards as pets.

  • You can have a lizard as a pet even if you don’t have a yard so they make great pets per apartment dwellers.
  • They generally don’t require you to entertain them – so if you are not walk around the block kind of person that more sit on the couch and watch my pet kind of person may be a lizard is for you.
  • Since lizards don’t have hair and I get fleas it is very unlikely to lizard will aggravate the allergies of anyone who lives in a home.

So what’s not to like?

  • Lizards are not affectionate. Your lizard will not wake you up with sloppy kisses in the morning. Your lizard will not sit on your lap and purr. It’s far more likely that if you choose to have physical contact with your lizard that the result will be that it will bite you.
  • Your local vet is unlikely to be a reptile specialist. If your lizard gets sick it may be difficult to find that they can provide the appropriate specialist care – and that care may well be very expensive.

Looking after your lizard is certainly going to be less work than looking after your pet horse, or pet dog. You will not have to walk your lizard, you will have to brush or pat lizard. Your lizard will require far less feeding than any mammal pet of the same size.

That is not to say that looking after a lizard requires no work at all. As they live in an enclosed environment it is your responsibility to ensure that environment stays clean free of rotting food or bodily wastes that can make your lizard sick, water should be changed daily and you’ll need to ensure their enclosure is kept at the recommended temperature your lizard.

To keep a lizard as a pet in fact to keep any reptile as a pet in Australia you will require a reptile keepers licence. Each state has its own version of this license, follow this link the State body relevant to you.

I am sure you have seen exotic lizards such as chameleons and large lizards are native to South America as pets in TV shows made in the USA. Unfortunately for people in Australia wishing to have such lizards as pets it is most unlikely you’ll be granted access to import these restricted animals. It’s a good reason to stray has such a poor record on the importing of exotic species with the ability to multiply rapidly and have a major negative impact on our local flora and fauna.

But don’t let this hinder you becoming a lizard owner. Australia is home to a great many species of lizard many of which are potentially wonderful to own as pets. In Australia a permit is required to keep all reptiles including lizards with the legislation differing from state to state. In most cases the permit will allow you to keep a captive or domestic bred lizard -you will not be permitted to capture one from the wild to keep as a pet. And yes, your backyard is wild, lizards caught in the backyard are considered wild animals