Detailed Information

Perth Vet Emergency is a trusted emergency veterinary clinic dedicated to caring for sick pets and worried owners in their hour of need. With a team of experienced professionals led by the compassionate Owner, Sunny Lawless, the clinic has been providing top-notch emergency medical care for pets in Perth for over 13 years. The team at Perth Vet Emergency understands the stress and anxiety that can come with seeking emergency veterinary care, especially after hours, and they are committed to providing a supportive and non-judgemental environment for both pets and their owners.

At Perth Vet Emergency, the team is led by Principal Veterinarian Percy Perry, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, along with additional qualifications in Emergency & Critical Care and Medicine of Cats. The clinic boasts a highly skilled staff, including Senior Veterinary Nurses, Veterinarians, Client Care Specialists, and Office Administrators, all dedicated to providing the highest level of emergency medical care for pets. With a track record of helping over 60,000 patients, Perth Vet Emergency is a reliable and compassionate choice for pet owners in need of emergency veterinary services.

Perth Vet Emergency not only focuses on providing exceptional emergency medical care for pets but also aims to offer emotional support and guidance to pet owners during challenging times. The clinic’s team, including Owner Sophie Rarp, is committed to being a source of comfort and reassurance for pet owners, answering any questions and providing guidance on transitioning pets back to their regular veterinarian after receiving care at Perth Vet Emergency. With a caring and experienced team, Perth Vet Emergency is a beacon of hope for pet owners facing emergency situations with their beloved animals.