Green pet spiders come in lots of shapes and sizes, as well as in different levels of venomous potency. One of the most popular spiders amongst green pet spiders is the green huntsman spider. Some other options amongst green pet spiders are the Cucumber green spider, the Orchard spider and the Green Lynx spider.

Most varieties of green pet spiders are harmless to humans and at the maximum will cause a painful bite, and maybe a bit of swelling. This makes them quite safe for beginners as well, though they are generally quite small in size. The biggest of all green pet spider species is the green huntsman spider.

The green huntsman spider is actually light brown in color, but during its childhood stages they are a bright green, hence the name, green huntsman. The spider is known to hunt insects in green vegetation although without building a web. The green huntsman spider is known to build a nest amidst leaves where they lay their eggs.

Another popular green pet spider is the Cucumber green spider. These spiders are not very big in size with females growing upto 8mm and males growing up to 5mm in length. This type of green spider is known to weave its web amongst leaves and flowers, mostly in forest clearings.

The orchard spider is another species of green spiders that is reared by hobbyists. This spider is known to cast its web horizontally while it itself hangs from the center. Along with its green colour, the spider may, at times, have neon yellow, orange or red spots on its abdomen, a feature that is as commonly prevalent as it is absent. The orchard spider is known to become the victim of wasp larvae that attaches itself to its back.

The green jumping spider is another option for a green pet spider. These are probably one of the largest species of jumping spiders to exist, growing to a length of 15mm (males). The body of the spider is bright green with a red head while the abdomen is white on green, with black lines. Females in the species grow upto 18mm and like many spiders, do not spin webs. If you are planning to keep one of these then make sure that you have some leaves in your tank because that is where they build their nest. Although they aren’t toxic to humans, their bite is quite painful as they have rather large fangs. These green jumping spiders need a lot of space as they like to jump around, leaving behind a thread to prevent them from falling.

The green lynx spider is another large variety of green pet spiders that are found amidst shrubs. It has a potent bite when it comes to insects but for humans, it is harmless. The green lynx spider is a popular form of pest control in agriculture. They are quite aggressive towards their prey although extremely docile towards humans, making them great options as pets.

There are many other varieties like the green orb spider that is also quite popular. In the wild, it is quite hard to pick out due to its fluorescent green abdomen, which is almost alien-like large in appearance. They are quite pretty to look at and are a popular green pet spider variety.

Green pet spiders are particularly popular as they are beautiful to look at. If you are planning to keep one, then you need to ensure that you have a substrate of soil and a few plants in the tank with the spider. They love natural habitat and it helps them remain camouflaged as well, something that they are accustomed to naturally.

So the next time you are looking for a green pet spider, remember to ensure that it gets the habitat it needs to be comfortable.