Detailed Information

Pawsitive Vibe Fitness is a renowned dog training group based in Sydney, with a focus on providing innovative and enjoyable training experiences for dogs and their owners. Specializing in Dog Agility and Dog Obedience Training, Pawsitive Vibe Fitness believes in the power of positive reinforcement to enhance the fitness and health of both dogs and humans. With a philosophy centered on making training sessions fun and engaging, the group offers a range of classes including group sessions and private training options.

Founded by Marek Contosfalsky, Pawsitive Vibe Fitness brings together a unique blend of expertise in dog training and fitness coaching. Marek’s background includes extensive experience in training dogs for search and rescue missions, as well as a personal journey in natural bodybuilding and personal training. With certifications in dog training and personal fitness instruction, Marek is dedicated to helping dog owners and their furry companions achieve their training and fitness goals.

Combining a passion for fitness and dog training, Pawsitive Vibe Fitness offers a holistic approach to improving the bond between dogs and their owners. Marek’s international experience and success in dog training competitions, coupled with his personal training qualifications, make Pawsitive Vibe Fitness a trusted destination for those seeking to enhance their dog’s behavior skills while staying active and healthy. Join Pawsitive Vibe Fitness to embark on a rewarding journey of fitness and positive training experiences for you and your beloved canine companion.