The colourpoint Shorthair cat is a cat breed very  similar in appearance to the Siamese Cat.  They are not recognised as a separate breed from the Siamese cat in Australia, though they are in the United States.  That said, you will find Australian breeders  “colourpointing” their Siamese cats.

They originated in the 1940’s as a result of some Siamese Cat breeders’ desire to produce a Siamese cat with different colourings. Breeding efforts typically took place in Great Britain and the United States. In addition to a Siamese base, the Abyssinian cat was also used to develop the colourpoint Shorthair. This type of cat was well-established by the mid 1960s. Many Siamese breeders and cat registries feel they are merely an extension of the breed as opposed to a separate, distinct  breed of cat. In Britain, however, the colourpoint Shorthair is considered a distinct breed. There is no doubt that the Siamese cat played a valuable role in the colourpoint Shorthair’s development, as the two are generally considered cousins.

Whilst the Siamese cat is only recognised if it has a blue, chocolate, lilac or seal coat, the colourpoint Shorthair is seen in a variety of accepted point colours, including cream, lynx, red and tortoiseshell.The colourpoint shorthair generally has a long, lean and muscular body. They have a small head which is emphasized by small erect ears. Eyes are a light or dark shade of blue. The colourpoint Shorthair is prone to shedding, so it needs regular brushing to reduce fur dropped throughout your house. This breed typically weighs 4-6 kg

The personality of the colourpoint Shorthair cat is very similar to the Siamese Cat. This is a friendly and affectionate breed that loves the company of people of all ages. This outgoing and adventurous cat is very good-natured, though it also tends to enjoy a bit of harmless mischief. It enjoys playing with toys and balled up pieces of paper. Like many animals, this breed likes living in a safe and familiar environment, so it may be initially resistant to unfamiliar people and places.

This is a vocal breed, which is inherited from its Siamese ancestry. The colourpoint Shorthair enjoys communicating, particularly when it wants attention from its owner, which may occur at various hours of the day and night. In addition to “talking,” this type of cat likes to be in close proximity to its family, thriving on any type of interaction.

Male colourpoint Shorthairs may have a more domineering personality than females and are generally also be slightly larger in size.

They are not the best cats with other pets, certainly if you have a dog regardless of whether its a small or large dog your colourpoint will see it as lower in rank and an animal to be dominated.

The colourpoint Shorthair is typically healthy, with inherited genetic conditions being the biggest threat to its well-being – these being similar to those seen in the Siamese. Its eyes may be prone to crossing, which does not negatively impact its longevity. Cats are generally healthier when they remain indoors, so it is recommended that the colourpoint Shorthair be kept inside.

The average lifespan for this breed is 13-15 years, though a healthy cat may certainly live longer.

Best Suited to
A family or owner who wants a cat with lots of personality, that they can lavish attention on. They tend to pine without company. They may enjoy time outside, but wil prefer to spend most of their time inside with their family.

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