Detailed Information

Klever Kanine Dog Obedience School is a reputable and long-standing institution dedicated to helping dog owners train their furry companions to be happy and obedient. With over 45 years of experience, Klever Kanine welcomes dogs of all sizes and breeds, emphasizing that all dogs are trainable with the right guidance. The school operates multiple branches across South Australia, affiliated with the South Australian Canine Association (Dogs SA), ensuring high-quality training standards.

At Klever Kanine, the focus is not just on training the dogs but also on educating the owners. The skilled and qualified instructors work closely with dog owners to teach them the fundamentals of dog obedience training, starting from beginner classes and progressing through various grades. Whether you aim to have a well-behaved family pet or aspire to compete in obedience trials, Klever Kanine provides the necessary support and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

With a structured training program that covers obedience trial standards, Klever Kanine Dog Obedience School offers a supportive environment for both dogs and their owners to learn and grow together. From basic commands to advanced skills, the school’s classes cater to a wide range of training needs, ensuring that every dog receives the attention and training required to reach their full potential.