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The budgerigar, Melopsittacus undulatus, has been one of the world’s most popular pets. Their playful nature, twittering antics and speaking ability have brought joy to millions of people. With correct care, budgies provide years of companionship: average life expectancy is about nine years but well looked after pets may reach their mid teens. Average weight is from 35 to 55 g, quite little for such big personalities! Budgies evolved in Australia’s dry interior.

Housing and husbandry

Budgies can be kept in a large cage or aviary.  Remember that budgies fly horizontally like airplanes rather than vertically like helicopters. It is more important for their cages to be long and wide rather than tall.

Perches should be varied and mostly made of natural wood of varied diameters.  NO DOWEL OR PLASTIC PERCHES. Place SWINGS – feed and water dishes so that you bird will utilize the whole cage space.  They appreciate toys.  Native Australian tree branches, gum nuts, grasses & greenery should be regularly provided and replaced. Avoid sandpaper on perches !  – it is okay to have a single concrete perch to help wear beaks and nails – we have them for sale. Avoid zinc and lead toys and wire as they are toxic if ingested.

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