Detailed Information

The Golden Retriever Club of Queensland Inc. is a dedicated organization focused on the improvement, breeding, exhibiting, and working of Golden Retrievers in Australia. With a strong emphasis on education and empowerment, the club aims to educate its members, breeders, and exhibitors on all matters concerning Golden Retrievers. Through various activities such as shows, open shows, and obedience trials, the club ensures the promotion of good fellowship and sportsmanship among Golden Retriever owners.

One of the primary objectives of The Golden Retriever Club of Queensland is to encourage breeders to recognize and address serious defects in the breed, striving to enhance the overall quality of Golden Retrievers in terms of type, conformation, temperament, and hereditary abnormalities. Embracing public interest in Golden Retrievers, the club actively engages with the community through social media and various communication channels to promote responsible breeding practices and the welfare of these beloved dogs.

Led by a dedicated committee, including President Paul Landy and Vice Presidents Karen Shield and Kirilee Hailwood, the club is committed to upholding its values and objectives. With a focus on education, fellowship, and public engagement, The Golden Retriever Club of Queensland Inc. invites individuals passionate about Golden Retrievers to join their community and contribute to the betterment of the breed.