Detailed Information

Welcome to Cider Fields Labradoodles, where we pride ourselves on providing top-quality boarding services for all breeds and ages of dogs in a serene, private, and joyful environment. Our facility offers 24/7 inside and outside access, long play sessions, and the best care and diets for your furry companions. Our residential training program is led by a qualified NDTF instructor who offers gentle and effective assistance with any dog challenges you may be facing.

Labradoodles are our specialty at Cider Fields Labradoodles – trainable, loving, and intuitive dogs that are perfect for companionship, support, or therapy work. As a small, fully registered professional breeder, we ensure that our pups are raised with care and attention to develop confident and people-focused temperaments. Our breeding parents undergo comprehensive genetic health testing to guarantee the health and well-being of our puppies, and we follow strict ethical standards set by the PIAA to exceed government regulations.

At Cider Fields Labradoodles, we go above and beyond to provide a nurturing environment for our dogs and puppies. From early age training and socialization to the best nutrition and plenty of love and attention, our furry friends are treated like family every step of the way. Join us as a priority member to stay informed about available puppies and experience the joy of bringing home a healthy and well-cared-for Labradoodle from our reputable breeding program.