Detailed Information

Fellowship of the Paws Dog Training is a dedicated and passionate dog training business based in the Redlands area of Queensland. Specializing in building stronger relationships between families and their dogs, we focus on effective communication to help dogs learn new skills and behaviors. Our team, led by founder and trainer Sue, is committed to providing personalized in-home training, group classes, video lessons, and workshops to cater to the specific needs of each dog and their family.

With a focus on pet greyhounds, as well as new puppies and rescue dogs, Fellowship of the Paws addresses a wide range of behavioral issues such as pulling on the lead, reactivity, jumping on guests, barking, and more. Sue’s extensive experience with greyhounds as both a foster carer and a dog trainer sets us apart in helping these unique dogs transition to pet life smoothly. Whether your dog is a young puppy or a senior, our training programs are designed to bring peace and harmony back to your relationship with your furry companion.

At Fellowship of the Paws, we understand the challenges and joys of owning a dog, and we are dedicated to making the lives of both dogs and their owners better. Through positive and fun training methods, we aim to empower dog owners to become confident leaders for their pets. If you’re looking to improve your dog’s behavior, whether it’s a greyhound, a puppy, or a rescue dog, our tailored training programs and classes in the Redlands area are here to help you create a calm and fulfilling life with your canine companion.