Detailed Information

Welcome to Minibrae DogStayz, a unique ‘non-kennel’ boarding service located in the pristine Wootton Valley of the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia. At Minibrae, we provide a superior level of care and comfort for your beloved four-legged companions. Unlike traditional kennels, we offer a homely environment where dogs stay indoors with the family, ensuring they receive ample human interaction and attention. Our boarding facilities are designed to cater to individualized care, play interaction, and both physical and mental stimulation for a happy and content stay.

Our services at Minibrae DogStayz extend beyond boarding to include premium kibble rotationally fed to ensure your pet’s nutritional needs are met. With over 30 years of professional grooming experience, Jenni, our expert groomer, can transform your furry friend into a fur model with a range of grooming services available. Additionally, basic obedience training is offered during your dog’s stay, teaching essential commands for a well-behaved pet. We also provide a pick-up and delivery service at appointed sites for added convenience.

Located in the picturesque Wootton Valley, our boarding facility offers a spacious, well-fenced yard and serene country lanes for on-leash walks. With a focus on socialization and friendly interactions, Minibrae DogStayz ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for your pet. Whether you’re looking for overnight boarding, grooming services, or daycare options, Minibrae DogStayz is dedicated to providing top-notch care for your furry companions in a tranquil and scenic setting.