Detailed Information

Dr. Cornell Smith B.VSc. in Pretoria is a reputable veterinary clinic that offers a comprehensive range of pet-care services, from routine vaccinations to advanced medical and surgical treatments. With a focus on providing top-notch care in a ‘fear-free’ environment, the clinic aims to ensure that both pets and their owners have a stress-free experience during visits. The dedicated team at Dr. Cornell Smith B.VSc. treats every pet as if they were their own, striving to deliver exceptional value and personalized attention to each client.

  • Puppy training, healthcare, surgery, and more
  • ‘Cat-Friendly’ accredited clinic
  • Treating pets with care and compassion

Dr. Cornell Smith B.VSc. is committed to upholding the highest standards of veterinary care and is certified by the International Society of Feline Medicine as a gold-standard ‘Cat Friendly Clinic.’ The clinic’s staff members are passionate about creating a safe and welcoming environment for pets, going above and beyond to ensure that cats feel comfortable and secure during their visits. As a locally owned and operated practice, Dr. Cornell Smith B.VSc. takes pride in offering a personal touch to its services, providing pet owners in Pretoria with a unique and effective veterinary experience.