Detailed Information

Dogster is a premier dog walking and training service based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, founded in 2014 by Dave Harris. Recognizing a growing demand for high-quality pet care, Dave combined his lifelong passion for dogs with a commitment to providing a happier lifestyle for both pets and their owners. Since its inception, Dogster has established itself as more than just a dog walking service, but a dedicated team of experienced professionals who prioritize the safety and well-being of every furry client.

At Dogster, safety is the top priority. The team meticulously assesses each dog’s habits and personality to ensure a secure and enjoyable group walking experience. From on-leash safety near roads to identifying potential environmental hazards, every detail is carefully considered to guarantee the utmost protection for every dog in their care. With a focus on kindness, love, fun, and compassion, Dogster believes that every dog deserves the best care possible, tailored to their individual needs and temperament.

With a handpicked team of skilled and passionate individuals, Dogster goes beyond traditional dog walking services by offering personalized training and boarding options. Each team member is selected for their expertise and genuine love for dogs, ensuring that every interaction is filled with care and understanding. Dogster prides itself on open communication with clients, providing regular updates, answering questions promptly, and sharing valuable behavior improvement ideas to enhance the overall well-being of every furry companion.