Detailed Information

HappyGreyDays is a Kingborough-based dog training business founded by Fiona Masters, a passionate dog trainer with a special interest in Greyhounds. Fiona holds a Cert IV in Animal Behaviour and Training and is a proud member of both the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and The Association of Professional Dog Trainers. With a background in the corporate world, Fiona transitioned into dog training in 2022 and has been actively involved in training dogs at the Eastern Shore Dog Club since December of the same year.

As a dedicated dog lover and owner of two greyhounds and two cats, Fiona understands the unique needs and behaviors of Greyhounds, often referred to as the “Unicorns of the dog world.” Her training approach is Fear Free, prioritizing the welfare and comfort of each dog she works with. HappyGreyDays offers personalized training sessions tailored to the individual needs of each dog, ensuring a positive and effective learning experience for both the pet and the owner.

For those looking to enhance their bond with their canine companions, HappyGreyDays provides a welcoming environment for dog training. Clients can reach out to Fiona for a Meet & Greet session to discuss their training goals and explore how Fiona’s expertise can benefit their furry friends. Contact HappyGreyDays at 0476 291 183 to embark on a rewarding training journey with a focus on positive reinforcement and compassionate care.