Though Ragdoll cats are a fairly new breed, having been around only since the 1960s, they have become immensely popular. Ragdolls were first bred in the United States, and likely originated from crossing long-haired cat breeds such as Persians, Angoras and Birman cats. The breed has been exported all around the world, and was recognised in Australia in 1990. Ragdolls can now be found all around the country, although the majority of the cats and their breeders are found in Queensland. There is no formal body for Ragdoll Cats in Australia.

The temperament of the Ragdoll Cat

One of the reasons that the Ragdoll Cat is such a popular pet is that it is famously placid and relaxed. The cat has a habit of going limp when it is handled or picked up, and it is this habit from which its name derives. The breed is very relaxed and low-maintenance and Ragdolls are not known for being especially active or vocal. They are not natural hunters, and may be a good choice for households with other pets, and for households with small children. They tend to be good around strangers, too, generally making them an excellent pet in households where visitors are common. They’re also an excellent choice for apartment living, and can be a good pet for the elderly, as they do not require much in the way of maintenance and grooming.

Large and silky

Ragdoll Cats are distinctive in appearance. They are quite large, and tend to be a heavy cat, with males weighing up to ten kilograms

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