Detailed Information

Dog Academy of New England (DANE) is a reputable and experienced provider of holistic dog training and rehabilitation services. With a strong belief that there are no “bad dogs,” DANE focuses on helping dogs of all backgrounds and behaviors through balanced training methods. Whether it’s starting a puppy off on the right paw, assisting a rescue dog in adjusting to a new home, or rehabilitating a dog with behavioral issues, DANE is dedicated to fostering healthy and happy pet-owner relationships.

At DANE, the team emphasizes the importance of establishing appropriate boundaries through positive reinforcement and operant conditioning. By teaching pet owners how to effectively communicate with their dogs in a harm-free manner, DANE aims to create lasting bonds between pets and their owners. From basic obedience skills to addressing more complex behavioral concerns like problem barking or aggression, DANE offers personalized training programs tailored to meet the specific needs of each dog and their owner.

Led by experienced trainer Rebecca, who holds a Certificate 3 in Dog Behavior and Training, DANE provides a supportive and professional environment for dog owners looking to enhance their relationship with their furry companions. With a focus on advanced training outcomes and specialized rehabilitative training, DANE is committed to guiding pet owners every step of the way in understanding and improving their dog’s behavior. Contact DANE today to embark on a rewarding journey towards a harmonious bond with your canine companion.