MOST SUITED AS Family pet.

The shoulder height is 72 – 80cm (28 1/2 – 31 1/2in) for dogs and 65 – 75cm (25 1/2 – 29 1/in) for bitches. The ideal height is 76cm (30in) for dogs and 70cm (27 1/2in) for bitches.

The Leonberger has a soft to firm coat of medi­um-length hair with a thick under-layer. The most usual colours range from golden-yellow to red-brown, with a dark face. The tips of the hairs should be black. The lack of a black face is accepted but not preferred.

Brush and comb the coat regularly to remove all the dead hair. In addition keep the ear passages clean. Because this breed grows so rapidly, you must never economize on a good well-balanced diet. Bear in mind that the bones, muscles, and joints of the young dog must not be too heavily taxed with long walks or by letting it run up and down stairs too often.

A peaceful, self-confident, and equable dog which is straight-forward, loyal, intelligent, a quick learner, it will alert you to visitors.

This breed responds best to a well-balanced training programme in a harmonious manner. It learns quickly and will rapidly grasp what is expected of it.

Leonbergers get on well with dogs and other household pets, and mixing with children pre­sents no problems. It makes little difference to it whether visitors have evil intentions or not. Once it has alerted you the Leonberger con­siders its job done.

The Leonberger requires extensive exercise. Take it with you regularly for long walks during which it can have an opportunity to run and play off the lead.