Detailed Information

Brisbane Pet Motel is a premier pet boarding facility located on 2.5 acres in Boondall, Brisbane. Situated just a short drive from the Brisbane airport and with convenient access to major highways, our pet motel offers professional care and top-notch accommodations for your beloved pets. Our dedicated Owner/Managers and Kennel/Cattery Staff provide round-the-clock security and attention to ensure your pets are safe, comfortable, and entertained during their stay.

At Brisbane Pet Motel, we understand the importance of pets in our clients’ lives, which is why we treat every animal in our care with the same love and consideration we would give our own pets. As members of the Association of Pet Boarding & Grooming Qld and active participants in various dog clubs and associations, our team is well-versed in animal care and training. We offer spacious and hygienic accommodations, 24-hour security, and a range of activities to keep your pets happy and healthy while you’re away.

We welcome pet owners and animal lovers to visit our facilities for inspections and to meet our team. With a focus on providing a safe and comfortable environment for pets of all kinds, Brisbane Pet Motel is the ideal choice for boarding your furry friends when you need to be away. Contact us today to discuss any special requests or to book your pet’s stay with us.