Exotic species of lizards such as the chameleon and are unavailable as pets in Australia, as a Australia has no native species of Chameleon. We do have several varieties of gecko which can be domesticated and raised a special lizard enclosure called a terrarium.

Australian geckos are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, get them remains more or less the same regardless of the variety. They are an excellent pet those without a large yard of those who are more interested in a hobby and will they can observe.

Preparing your gecko’s Terrarium
Try and cover your terrarium with materials your gecko is likely to find in the wild sand, gravel, rocks to bask on and plants.

Whether you live in Melbourne or Darwin your terrarium will require a heat lamp to allow your gecko to bask as it requires. Try placing the basking lamp over the largest rock in the terrarium. In its native habitat your gecko will usually seek out large rocks to bask on as they maintain both.

Your gecko will require a permanent water source. A water dish will suffice, a small patch of running water is even better. Your gecko will bathe in the water as well as drink it so it will need to be changed frequently.

Whilst catching a wild gecko is a relatively simple task in the Northern states where they live in almost plague proportions, it is only legal to keep domestically bred lizards so do consider the consequences before venturing into the garden to catch one.

Geckos are ferocious hunters of insects, they will often be seen congregating around outdoor lighting to catch the bug is attracted to the light. Buying insects to feed your gecko from the pet shop can turn a cheap pet into an expensive pet so we suggest you buy yourself an insect trap and catch them yourself.

It’s unlikely you will ever get cuddles from your gecko, but if watching an animal interact in a man-made version of its natural environment is your thing gecko will provide you with hours of enjoyment.