Detailed Information

Brisbane Bird & Exotics Veterinary Service (BBEVS) is a specialized veterinary clinic dedicated to providing exceptional care for avian and exotic pets. At BBEVS, we believe in fostering a collaborative partnership between pet owners and our veterinary staff to ensure the health and longevity of our unique patients. Our team is passionate about catering to the specific needs of birds, reptiles, small mammals, and fish, offering expert care tailored to each individual animal.

Our team at BBEVS is comprised of knowledgeable and compassionate veterinarians and nurses who are dedicated to providing top-notch veterinary services for birds and exotic pets. With a focus on avian and exotic animal medicine, our lead veterinarian, Dr. Deborah, is a recognized specialist in avian medicine and has extensive experience in caring for a wide range of unique species. From routine check-ups to emergency care, our team is committed to delivering exceptional service and support to both pets and their owners.

  • Location: 191 Cornwall St, Greenslopes, QLD 4120
  • Contact: (07) 3217 3533
  • Services: Avian and exotic pet veterinary care
  • Specialties: Birds, reptiles, small mammals, and fish
  • Team: Experienced veterinarians and nurses passionate about avian and exotic animal medicine