People decide to own pets because they make great companions. Some types of pets are visible in showing intimacy to their owners. A pet bird is one of these highly entertaining types of pets. Birds are sociable, loyal, entertaining, and smart creatures. There are some kinds of birds that can be taught to talk, like a parrot. However, some people are not really familiar with how birds are as pets. Due to this unfamiliarity they tend to not even consider getting birds when picking out their pets. This article will give light on the things to consider when getting a pet bird and knowing which type is the best to get as a pet.

Choice Of Bird Depending on Preferred Trait

There are various factors that you should consider when you wish to get a pet bird. There may be characteristics or traits in some birds that may not be ideal for you. You may refer below to some of the traits birds may have and which would be the best type of bird that would fit your preferences:

Quiet bird for apartment living

One of the most important things to consider is whether a noisy bird would be allowed in your residence. People who live in an apartment need to avoid birds that tend to make a lot of noise. One of the quiet types of birds one can get for an apartment is the parrotlet. It does not normally make noise. If ever a parrotlet decides to let out a scream, the high pitch of the sound it makes does not travel through the walls of the apartment. This ensures that you will not be disturbing your neighbours.

Smart and talkative

If you live in a residence that does not have issues with noise affecting your neighbors, then you may opt to get an African grey parrot. This is a highly intelligent bird and is known to be able to learn and remember a lot of words. African grey parrots love to interact with their owners. This type of bird may be talkative, but it does not give out a loud scream. It is important that you encourage your bird to talk by constantly communicating with it. Talk to it regularly while starting with simple words and phrases. Always make your voice sound enthusiastic since your bird likes it more when there is energy in your voice.

Singing ability

For pet owners who prefer to own a bird for its singing ability, one of the best choices to go for is a canary. Other than its different types of alluring colours, your family will enjoy listening to this cheerful songbird. If you plan to get a canary for your household because of its singing prowess, it is highly recommended that you pick one that is a male. Male canaries are known to be better singers than the female ones. To make your canary learn how to sing faster, you should make sure that you keep it happy and comfortable. Let it listen to songs and recordings of other canaries singing so that it can imitate them.

Low maintenance

Owners who do not want to be bothered with constantly caring and maintaining their pet birds are advised to get doves as their pets. It is an ideal pet for busy people because it does not need to be entertained or walked like cats and dogs. You may put them in cages, and they will not become irritable. You just need to make sure that you provide your dove with a spacious cage for it to be able to stretch and fly around. You may also buy doves in pairs since they are social and happy if they have companions in their cages. However, getting more than two doves and placing them in one cage may cause them to fight with each other. Doves are known to be territorial and will try to protect their space and food from others.

Friendliest among the rest

The cockatiel is known to be the friendliest among the various kinds of birds that can be owned as pets. When a cockatiel has identified you as its owner and friend, it will constantly seek you out and make sure you are within its proximity. In some cases, your pet cockatiel will stick to you like glue. It may even reach a point where your cockatiel will suddenly take some of your food while you are eating.


When you consider the lifespan of the bird that you wish to make your pet, the African grey parrot is known to be able to live at least 40 years with proper care and maintenance. While it is considered to be a high-maintenance pet, it will be a good source of affection and entertainment for your family. You should make sure that you give enough attention to this kind of bird as it can be needy emotionally.

What Kind of Bird is Best as a Pet?

For pet owners who want to own pet birds but do not have a significant amount of time to play with their pets, it is highly advised that they get canaries. A canary prefers to be left alone. You just need to give your canary a spacious cage so that it has enough space to move around and exercise. Canaries also like to be paired with the opposite sex. Do not cage two male canaries together since it is known that they will get into fights with each other.

Outdoor birds

There are pet owners who prefer to have birds that they can house in their aviaries outside their homes. Lovebirds are among the popular birds that can be taken in as pets and housed outside in aviaries. However, it is important to remember that aviaries need to be built with strong and heavy-duty frameworks since rodents can become big problems for bird owners. Another thing to consider is that lovebirds live comfortably in warm weather. During winter, they need to be transferred inside the house that can effectively maintain a warmer temperature.