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Beloka Kelpie Stud

Beloka Kelpie Stud in Welshpool, VIC breeds top-quality Kelpies for working with livestock, offers training, and supports rescue dogs.

Wyreema Kelpie Stud

Wyreema Kelpie Stud in Oklahoma breeds top-quality Kelpies for work and family, focusing on breed integrity and animal welfare.

Australian Working Dog Rescue

Australian Working Dog Rescue is a non-profit saving working dog breeds from pounds, finding them homes nationwide, promoting responsible pet ownership.

Roseona Kelpies & Collies

Roseona Kelpies & Collies in Williams, WA breeds and trains top-quality working dogs for farm work and trialing, offering expert services.

Avenpart Kelpies

Avenpart Kelpies breeds top-quality working dogs since 1962, exporting versatile Kelpies globally, known for exceptional mustering abilities and reliability.

Karana Kelpie Stud

Karana Kelpie Stud, founded by Kay and Kevin Howell in 1987, breeds top-quality Working Kelpie dogs for farmers and enthusiasts.