Detailed Information

Karana Kelpie Stud is a family-owned business founded by Kay and Kevin Howell, dedicated to breeding and raising high-quality Working Kelpie dogs. With a passion for working dogs that spans generations, Kevin established the stud in 1987 and has since focused on breeding dogs with exceptional natural working ability. Kay plays an integral role in the care and management of the dogs, ensuring they are healthy and well looked after.

At Karana Kelpie Stud, the Howells prioritize the improvement of the Working Kelpie breed, aiming to provide farmers and dog enthusiasts with top-tier working companions. They participate in trials and training clinics to assess their dogs’ performance and seek out potential sires for breeding. By breeding for all-round abilities and ensuring their dogs excel in various trials, Karana Kelpie Stud produces dogs that are not only competitive but also reliable partners in real working environments.

The Howells take pride in their dogs, considering them an essential part of their family. With a commitment to ethical breeding practices and a deep respect for the bond between humans and dogs, Karana Kelpie Stud offers well-bred, loyal, and hardworking Kelpies that embody the true spirit of man’s best friend.