Detailed Information

Roseona Kelpies & Collies, located in Williams, Western Australia, is a renowned breeding and training facility specializing in all-round working dogs. With a deep-rooted passion for the working dog world, the owner, Brett, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the business. Growing up on a vast 3000-acre property in Sutton, Brett’s early exposure to the shearing sheds and his career as a roust-about laid the foundation for his love for Kelpies and Collies.

At Roseona, the focus is on breeding versatile working dogs that excel in both farm work and trialing. Through careful selection of breeding stock and a keen understanding of the genetic traits required for top-performing working dogs, Brett ensures that each dog bred at Roseona possesses the intelligence, dedication, and loyalty needed for success in various tasks. With a lineage steeped in sheep dog trials and a commitment to excellence, Roseona Kelpies & Collies is dedicated to producing top-quality working dogs for farmers and enthusiasts alike.

Aside from breeding, Roseona also offers professional training services for working and domestic dogs. Understanding the challenges faced by busy farmers in providing consistent training, Brett and his team provide individualized training programs to develop essential skills in dogs, such as stopping, casting, and barking. Whether you need a reliable farm companion or a skilled trial dog, Roseona Kelpies & Collies is the go-to destination for expert breeding and training services in Western Australia.