Robopet, one of the most famous toy robots, is an artificial dog which has been created by the Wow Wee Company to replace the living pets. Its intentions are not as dangerous as it sounds but the noble reason behind creating this robot has been entertainment and nothing else. The robopet has been based upon the work of Mark Tilden, who is its designer. It is based on a technology called biomorphic. Robopet consists of everything which is desired in a dog like it can move, feel any object and so on. The robopet has got sensors all around its body which enables it to detect anything. It has a number of autonomous moves and at the same time, it also has a number of flexible moves. The Robopet is able to perform a variety of tricks like any dog can. The tricks may include begging, rolling, playing dead and howling.

Following are some facts about the robopet:

The robopet has been designed with around 5 gearboxes which are used to give the necessary movement. They are helpful in providing the 2 as well as 3-bit positioning. It consists of a processor board which is mounted on its back and the control of this processor board takes place through the IR signals. The CPU utilizes around 128 B of the memory and you will need around four AAA batteries to run this robot.

The robopet has many unique features. If left unattended for some time, the robopet enters into the autonomous mode. In this mode, it starts working on its own. It explores the room, the floor and it can also answer infrared signals transmitted from the remote control.

The robopet is available in a variety of colours and this includes pink, purple, blue and black. A number of series have been released from time to time to keep it updated with the times.

As it is one of the most important toy robots, you should explore the robopet and get the feel of the artificial dog. Robopet is very popular with adults and children alike.