At the time of writing this article is not actually possible to obtain a fainting goat is a pet in Australia. The only herds of goats known to have this condition are in America -but since the condition is quite funny I’m including the fainting goat now Australian strange pets section.

Fainting goats suffer from a hereditary genetic condition called myotonia congenita. When startled many animals will experience a fight or flight reaction which is meant to remove us from danger faster than we can think. Animals with this condition however experience muscle stiffness and will freeze for approximately 10 seconds when they are startled startled. The condition itself is not painful however hitting the ground as a result of having your muscles freezing cannot be without some pain.

Delegates when startled tend to tip over much like a tree has been chainsawed down. Older animals become aware of their condition and are often able to prevent themselves falling down and can even shuffle around with a stiff leg gait.

Fainting goats are somewhat smaller than your average domestic goat standing roughly 50 to 65 cm tall they can weigh anywhere between 20 to 70 kg. The rise of prominent in high sockets may come in many different colours. Fainting goats baby long-haired or short haired