Cat Breeds

Cat Breeds

It’s a curiosity to me with cat’s having been around as mankind’s second best(depending on who you speak to) for thousands of years, that there are not as many recognised breeds of cat as there are dog. On Mypets, we have over 250 recognised breeds, and there are plenty more we are still detailing, yet there are less than 50 recognised breeds of cats.

Domestic cats don’t come in super large varieties like dogs do, and its probably just as well. They are such efficient predators and lack the pack mentality which makes it possible to keep large dogs under control even though they may be more powerful than their owner.

Cat’s come in timid and bold varieties, long and short haired. Small, delicate breeds such as the Burmese and larger breeds such as the Bengal and the Savannah Cat(Not recognised everywhere as a true breed yet, and banned in some countries).

We’ve detailed the breeds here for your information, we hope you find the one that best fits you.

German Rex


The German Rex began with the male cat Munk, in 1930-31 in Konigsberg, in Germany. Munk was the son of an Angora cat and a Russian Blue. There were tw

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Havana Brown Cat


The Havana Brown Cat resulted from persistent efforts to develop a completely brown cat breed. In the early 1950s in Britain, a cross between a seal point Siamese and a black domestic shorthaired cat with Siamese heritage led to the foundation stock for t

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Himalayan Cat


The Himalayan Cat is a popular and well-loved domesticated feline. Its name is derived from the Himalayan rabbit and mouse, which have similar colouring. This breed first made an appearance in the 1930s when Dr. Clyde Keller of Harvard Medical School and

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Japanese Bobtail


The Japanese Bobtail has been a favourite cat of Japan for centuries, and can be seen depicted in ancient art, as well as the ceramic ‘maneki-neko’ -beckoning cat -with one raised paw.

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Javanese Cat


The Javanese Breed was developed by crossbreeding a Siamese with a ColorPoint shorthair and Balinese cats. They were not given distinct breed status until 1979 prior to that the considered a Balinese crossbred. They are not a native of Java, in fact they

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Korat Cat


The Korat is an ancient breed of cat that has its origins in Thailand. References to the Korat can be traced back some 700 years, although the breed itself may be older than that. The Korat's name is drawn from its origins in the Thai province of Korat. I

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LaPerm Cat


The LaPerm's fur is curly thus the name "perm", with the tightest curls being on the belly, throat and base of the ears. La Perms come in many colou

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Maine Coon


Maine Coons get their name from the state of Maine in the US, as they are considered to be the official State cat of that region.

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Manx Cat


For a cat to be a true Manx, its ancestry must be able to be traced back to the Isle of Man off the western coast of England, as it appears this is where they originated.

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Munchkin Cat


The Munchkin cat is a new breed created by a random mutation that produced a cat with extremely short legs. Munchkins come in any coat length or colou

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Nebelung Cat


The Nebelung Cat is a long-haired breed, bred to resemble the Russian Blue with a long coat. The Nebelung breed was created in the 1980s by Cora Cobb,

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The handsome Ocicat may look like a mini Ocelot, but fortunately, they don’t have the personality to match their wild looks. The Ocicat Cat is known for its unusual “wildcat” appearance, and is the only domestic breed specifically bred t


Ojos Azules Cat


The Ojos Azules is new breed of domestic cat, discovered in New Mexico among feral cat populations. The first Ojos Azules discovered was a tortoiseshe

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Oriental Longhair Cat


The Oriental Longhair Cat is the semi-longhaired variety of the Oriental Shorthair. They are a relatively new breed created in the United States through the accidental pairing of a Balinese male with and Oriental Shorthair female in the 1980

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Persian Cat


If you want a cat that likes to luxuriate about the house allowing all to bask in its decorative beauty, then a Persian or Chinchilla might be the pet for you.

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Pixie-Bob Cat


Both shorthaired and longhaired, the Pixie Bob breed is easily recognized by its short tail. According to legend, the Pixie Bob is a hybrid of a domestic cat and a bobcat. DNA testing has not support this myth however and the personality of the Pixie Bob

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Ragdoll Cat


Though Ragdoll cats are a fairly new breed, having been around only since the 1960s, they have become immensely popular. Ragdolls were first bred in the United States, and likely originated from crossing long-haired cat breeds such as Persians, Angoras an

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Rex Cat


Despite its short coat, the Rex does not appear to feel the cold. It does not need coddling and is quite hardy in even the coldest weather. It is a pr

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Russian Blue


The Russian blue cat is native to Russia is believed to have originated in the Russian port town of Arkhangelsk(thus there are the moniker as the Archangel Cat).

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Savannah Cat


The Savannah Cat is a new and quite rare exotic domestic cat breed the result of a crossing an African Serval and a domestic cat. Generations As Savannahs are produced by crossbreeding servals and domestic cats, each generation of Savannahs is marked wit

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