Detailed Information

Tails Up Dog Training, located in the Southern Highlands, is a premier dog training business founded in 2012 by Margaret Gray. The business focuses on offering positive reinforcement training methods to dog owners, emphasizing a humane approach that excludes the use of pain, force, or fear. Margaret, with her extensive qualifications in Companion Animal Services and Behaviorology, leads a team of dedicated trainers who are committed to helping owners develop well-behaved and happy dogs.

At Tails Up, dog owners can choose from a variety of training programs tailored to their specific needs. From puppy socialization classes to advanced obedience training, the business offers a range of packages designed to support both the dog and its owner. In addition to group classes, Tails Up provides one-on-one training sessions and ongoing support through phone and email, ensuring that owners receive the guidance they need to build a strong bond with their canine companions.

The team at Tails Up is led by Margaret Gray, who has a wealth of experience in education and dog training. Alongside Margaret, Edna Carmichael and Maureen Bishop, both experienced dog trainers with a passion for helping dogs and their owners, contribute to the success of the business. With a focus on positive reinforcement and a commitment to promoting a harmonious relationship between dogs and their owners, Tails Up Dog Training is a trusted choice for those seeking effective and compassionate training for their beloved pets.